Rekindle the wrong

The sun may rise silently above the sheltered lake
but it won’t go unnoticed by those who will create
darkest lies that move soundlessly away from
those who hide their faces in the morning’s harsh dawn.

Today I saw a demon and I knew that you were mine
but I was tired and weary not suitable to fight.
I let myself be taken in front of
the melted lake. I can’t say why except because
the sun was in my skin, begging me
to come and try to taste your tainted seed.

The moon may rise stealthily above my face and your
arms once strong now hold me weak have no desire
from long ago but passion’s fruit blooms not too far

I see your eyes not seen before
past lies hidden
can’t recall the other sin

the time you called me lips aflame
now dry and chapped can’t voice your shame

Come hold me tight don’t look too close
I’m not the same but you don’t know
The sun may rise the sun may fall

It may burn strong or not at all.

This poem was written around the late 90s.



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