Your hand found mine

A heat where warmth should have been
A forbidden fruit, a familiar friend

You rubbed my hair I touched your knee
You called me beautiful
I knew I was weak

Mixed with passion were your apologies
I memorized your sighs

It begins and ends with tonight.

My heart breaking before my eyes 
Knowing it’s wrong but unwilling to stop
Will you ever ever forgive what we did?
I can’t wake in the morning
Without you in my life

We sleep at dawn

Coffee and toast in bed
And we wonder
How it could have been
And we’re close enough
That we can talk about it

A friendship sealed with desire
Or cracked wide open with lies?

I can never touch you again
I have to touch you again

Knowing this changes everything
Hoping this changes nothing
Hoping this changes everything

My heart screams
Choose me
Love me
Even though I know I can’t
Choose you.

This poem was written in the late 90s.



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