Nose rings at age 30

There is no happy hour
In this Bible Belt city
so we drink to Long Island

enjoy being jobless and drunk at 4 in the afternoon.

My gay boyfriend who’s not really gay
is confused about life

So he meets us on the grungy side of town
with half-million dollar homes and a tattoo parlor
and no one knows his name

We pierce our noses for shock and fun
by a girl named Natalee who’s in a bad mood
and likes our pain

You’re a Libra so you can’t decide
left or right

I want mine on the straight side
of this crooked line I walk

Go to the gay bar but it’s couples night
so they look at us like we’re queer
My husband has joined us
says my nose ring turns him on

We are giddy in the crisp cold air
and we know we’re not as young
as we think we are

But tonight we are 16 again
Sneaking out to meet the dropouts
who smoke pot on the golf course
and we knew they weren’t going anywhere

But we were and we have

We laugh and call ourselves carefree
but tomorrow we will
wake up with decorated noses
wonder why
there was so much blood.



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