10 years ago | 10 years later

Written on August 29, 1994:

In ten years I would like to be out of college and married.

[10-year-later update: I was 4 years out of college, and I was married exactly 10 years and 6 days after this was written]

I want to be a journalist at a large newspaper, perhaps writing editorials.

[10-year-later update: I was assistant news editor at a medium-sized newspaper, designing and editing and also writing the occasional editorial]

This past year I wrote for “The Charlotte Observer,” which is a fairly large newspaper. When I walked into the newsroom I just felt at home there, it was me. In ten years I can definately [sic] see myself in the newsroom, working to complete a deadline and then, after a tiring day, returning home to a massage by my loving husband while we spend quality time together.

[10-year-later update: Jeff put up with my night shift at the newspaper … sometimes I would not get home until after 2 a.m. I’d say that’s pretty loving …]

This will all make me happy, and happiness is all I need in ten years.



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