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Working Title: Diamonds, Lies, & Alibis

Not one, not 2, but 3 men.

One showers her with love and the life she’s always dreamed of, one knows what she’s thinking before she even says it, and one that plays her game even better than she. Which will she choose?


Main character: Kylie:
Prides herself on her independence yet falls hard and sometimes wants to believe in love even when it isn’t there. She likes to be chased – but to a point. If someone is too available it can be a turn off for her. Those closest to her struggle with her hot-and-cold nature. Self-centered. Feels accomplished when she can have her choice of any man. Relies on men for happiness, turns up the flirting when feeling badly about herself. Photographer for daily newspaper.

Fiancé:  Austin:
Star reporter and aspiring editor. Son of a newspaper man. Rising in the family business. Quiet and determined. Good listener, good observer, good storyteller. Focused and ambitious. Everyone likes him, some envy him.  Doesn’t know what hit him when Kylie walks in the picture. Kylie is not as driven to success as Austin is, but she is extremely creative and loves the work for the sake of work – not to climb any ladders. He respects this about her, and he imagines evenings coming home to her where she will be supportive of him and his success. They attend many community events as guests of his father, and Austin loves attending them with Kylie at his side.

Boyfriend: Matthew:
Outgoing and hot and he knows it. Used to dating around. Likes to be looked at. New reporter. No one knows him, but he’s determined to be the star in his field in this town. He wines and dines sources and gets scoops over beers at the bar. Mostly ignores Kylie. At first. She notices this with raised eyebrows. Can’t decide whether to love him or hate him. Matthew sits across from Austin in the newsroom, so they get to stare at each other all day. They create a forced friendship for the sake of work camaraderie and avoidance of awkwardness. Suddenly there are many nights at the bar for Kylie, Austin and Matthew – and at times, just Kylie and Matthew – when Austin works late. He’s always working late.

Best boy friend: Lee:

Kylie’s best friend. Designer for the same newspaper. Lee and Kylie have worked together for years – went to college together. He knows what she’s thinking before she thinks it. He has secretly loved her for years. At least, he thinks it is a secret. He doesn’t know that Erykah knows his every thought as well. He watches this back and forth between Austin and Matthew  and he quietly suffers. On the surface – he is always there for her, to offer a neck rub or help writing a headline or whatever she needs. But will he get tired of her indecisiveness and move on? Sometimes he thinks a less complicated romance might be better. He would be sacrificing true love for something easier, but all he ever wanted to do was love someone and be loved in return, and Kylie is, quite obviously, not available. Kylie knows all this. She loves Lee, too. But she sees Lee’s potential to fall hard and fast for any girl that looks his way. He, too, is a romantic. He, too, is easily swept away and she wonders: Is it really her he loves, or would any decent woman in her place suffice? I mean, he is dating someone else, after all.

Best girl friend: Erykah:
Book is told from Erykah’s perspective. Designer for a local newspaper. Writes poetry.  Is constantly helping Kylie with her cover stories. Can’t decide whether she’s annoyed with Kylie’s indecisiveness or whether this is the best Page 6 story of the year. She is a virgin, waiting until marriage. She is most creative when she is suffering but happiest when she is not. People see her overall as a cheerful and fun person, and she likes it that way. She thinks she knows what love is – until events and people come into play that make her question everything.

Erykah’s exboyfriend/still friend Ryan:
Erykah and Ryan dated in high school and have remained close since then.




Newsroom for a small paper in a large(ish) city – Charlotte.  Gossipy coworkers and romance drama lead to interesting work days.

Key scenes:

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