Politics 101: Learning from example

You sent Jennifer to make danishes
after you smoked a blunt
so when you wrapped your arms
around me she wouldn’t know.
Everyone experiments in high school, right?
She put the icing on your treats
before baking and scorched
the danishes to the cookie sheet.
She had the munchies.
Doesn’t everyone get the munchies?

When she came back we were lying
on your Mickey Mouse sheets
with a pillow hiding our faces
and Jennifer dropped the cookie sheet
and it stuck to your carpet.
Then there was that time we drove
to the unfinished neighborhood
and you parked your Ford Ranger
in the woods
and told me you’d never seen
thong underwear before
so I showed you mine,
blue and white flowers with lace.
The president saw her thong outside the Oval Office.
Two kids messing around in the woods don’t count.
He has a wife, you only had a girlfriend.

Everyone laughed at Erica
because when she gave her first blow job
nothing came out and she didn’t know
anything was supposed to.
The first time I got high
I was sitting with you and Jennifer
in your bathroom
smoking out of a piggie bong
made from your mom’s
ceramic piece.
I smoked but I didn’t inhale.
I got high but I didn’t inhale.

She got hungry and decided
to eat the entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s
and then fell asleep.
What generation are we in anyway?
I got hungry and decided
to give my first blow job
and nothing came out but I knew
something was supposed to.
Between breaths I asked and you answered
“You want me to? In your mouth?”
Later I found out she’d woken
and witnessed the whole thing.
It wasn’t sex. Oral sex is not sex.



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