What brings you here?

I’m stealing borrowing a blog topic from Amy, which is to list the search terms people use when they stumble upon my blog. At times the searches can be quite interesting!

Flashing boobs – Is it weird this is the most-searched topic that leads people here?
nanowrimo book cover – Of course, for National Novel Writing Month.
frat strip poker – most likely from my fiction story, Strip-poker summer.
how to be a wingwoman – a reminder that I am a bad wingwoman … or, my iPhone is bad at recording phone numbers.
Melissa out and about flashing – Haven’t done that since – oh wait, I’ve said too much.
bad things about turning 30 – the first of which is being OLD.
bear hug usually sexual – hmm.
big wedding boobs – seriously, I mentioned boobs once. Once!
charming male friend – I do have a few of these, which I have written about …
getting drunk poems – ah, yes.
flashing tits on a plane – nope.
great poetry assignmentsnow we’re talking!
Melissa design book – Makes sense. I’m a graphic designer, and I design books.
Chris Rodriguez, Fort Mill, SC –
Chris doesn’t live in Fort Mill, but he is all over this blog!