Cheers to beers with no boundaries

All it takes is a little imagination.

Proof that friendships transcend even geography:

Was twittering with my friend Todd in Seattle (who goes by ElwoodJBlues online) recently, and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Elwood!!!! (hi)

Todd: Melissa! Hiii! You spiked your coffee today, didn’t you?

Me: haha no, but good idea … 😀

Then our friend JessAnn, who lives in Pennsylvania, weighs in:

JessAnn: I thought @melissaoyler always spiked her coffee

Me: how did you know I spike my coffee? Damn, web cam failed me again!! 😉

Todd: I take my coffee straight, no chaser. When I do add to it, it’s always Bailey’s.

JessAnn: I can’t mix my alcohol and my coffee. It’s one or the other with me.

Todd: After sending this photo: This is a good coffee/alcohol combo.

Me: open one for me?

Me: thanks. that hits the spot.

Me: After seeing this photo: Nice! Now if only you could send it …

JessAnn: I’m sure @elwoodjblues would be happy to send you the empty bottle lol

Todd: HAHA! Totally.

Me: yum!! Send it on! 😉

And he did. All the way from Seattle. I even got to see the package en route – wrapped up, in the car, at the post office. And now – in Charlotte!

So cheers, Todd and JessAnn and all my other friends who I won’t be able to toast in person tonight. Happy New Year’s!


Elwood's beer - at my house!
Todd's beer – at my house!
Update: Now here’s the question: What should I send Todd? It’s gotta be something good! Was going to send him an “Unbuckle the Bible Belt” sticker but I already gave my last one away … Need thoughts, friends!