“Yes, we swing.”

Jeff and I went to REIwith our friends Wade and Meghan the other day. Meghan wanted some hiking boots, and the guy at REI was talking to her about what she will want to look for in a boot, etc., etc. Wade had asked for our help with picking out a boot for Meghan, so Jeff and I wandered over to listen to what the employee was saying. We lingered for a few moments before the employee acknowledged us.

“Are you all together?” he asked.

“Yes, we swing,” Wade answered, deadpan.

It took me a moment for it to sink in but then Meghan’s very embarrassed laughter gave it away! I’m pretty sure the REI worker was wondering if he was serious too, because he asked me later, alone: “So … are you guys … friends?”

Haha. Yes, we were together, but not like that.