Marathon questions and I hate nature sometimes

Yes, I will run 26.2 miles at once. But even more than that, I will run hundreds of miles to prepare for those 26.2 …

For anyone who has done this craziness before (I’m about to start getting ready for the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte in December)

1- What marathon training program do you recommend? I’ve been recommended Hal Higdon’s program and Runner’s World so far.

2- What do you wear for a marathon in December? Layers to strip off or less so you don’t have to keep up with anything?

3- What do you bring with you? Have heard everything from nothing to everything but the kitchen sink (including bananas). Water belt yes or no, energy gel, Body Glide?

4- I need to learn more about stretching, desperately. What do you do for stretching? I can’t afford to get injured during my training! My ankle already acts up during regular runs (did it the other day after 7 miles, which is nothing compared to what I will be doing!)

5- What else do I need to know?



In the love-hate relationship I have with nature:

In the past few weeks I have seen:

= 2 black snakes (one at my grandmother’s house, one on the sidewalk while walking the dog)

= a black widow (in my back yard. I even got a picture, and the pest defense guy confirmed it! See:)



 Black widow



























= a snake with a diamond marking on it (at Six Mile Creek near my house. Was it a copper head, rattle snake, water snake? I don’t know!) Didn’t get a picture of that one. Just hightailed it outta there.

= a cat (you laugh, but when you’re camping and you see two glowing eyes staring out at you from the woods, you’d freak out too!)

I think Lindsey is right; perhaps I do need to move to the city.