What not to say in the bathroom

Driving halfway across the country with my parents is both interesting and reminiscent of car trips when younger. We are driving to Texas so we can pack up their home so they can move back East. But of course I am thinking o summers spent traveling to visit family out west.

It is strange not having Jenny and Kevin with me, so of course I’m reporting details to them via text and emails.

Kevin said I should blog this nugget from our adventures: Mom and I walked in a bathroom yesterday. One stall was occupied. Mom walked into the stall next to it and then said “p-u! That wasn’t me!”

I said “Mom! Be nice!”

Let’s just say I got out of that bathroom as fast as possible so the occupier of the stall wouldn’t see my face. I started laughing as I told Dad the story, who said it sounds like Mom is spending too much time with Mia, my grandmother (who will say just about anything!) I told Jenny, who said the same thing.

Ah, family. Gotta love em.