So I had this dream last night …

Just kidding, I’m not going there (for you non-Facebookers, I posted that I had weird, good dreams and it was requested that I blog about it – which I will not do, since Lance’s young ears would be disturbed … wait, Lance, I thought you were older than me!)

I was told it might be the Texas air that is causing them, so I’ll segue into the fact that I am, indeed, in Texas. Made the car trip out here from NC over the past couple of days with my parents. I mentioned that a little bit yesterday. I feel like I’ve taken a trip back in time, with Mom and Dad at the wheel and me in the back seat, surrounded by books (and laptops, but that’s not like the old days!)

I’m reminded of car trips taken to Iowa on summers growing up. Many of these trips were made with Mia and Pops at the wheel, my grandparents, and my backseat companion was cousin David. We had so much fun on these trips!

One in particular I remember: We were at Great Aunt Mary’s house, hanging out in the basement but after several days of billiards and Atari (her two “toys”) we got bored and David told me he remembered hearing that if you spin around in circles over and over again it’s the same as being drunk. So he decided we would try it – on me. We went outside to the front yard, and he spun me around, and around, and around. Until finally he felt it was sufficient and I tried to walk – and I stumbled. He laughed, “Try to run!” he said.

“No,” I said, “I’m going inside to show Mia!” And I stumbled toward the front door, at which point I tripped – and landed face down in a pile of rosebushes. I wasn’t hurt but I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop.

Like being drunk, indeed …



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