Things ive learned in texas

My time in Texas has been way too short, and it’s been all work and no play (unless you count running as play, which I sort of do.) I was excited to come here as the only other time I’ve been to Texas has been on a layover at the Houston airport. However, I’m not sure this really qualifies either. But I have learned a few things:

– I know more people than I thought I did out here. An old friend or two, a couple of family members, and lots of Twitter friends call Texas home. Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit with any of them, due to tight schedules and moving being Priority One.

– Texas barbecue is not the same as NC barbecue, and that is a GOOD thing. I’m sorry, call me a traitor, but pulled meat is gross. And barbecue sauce is gross. I ordered sausage here, didn’t put any sauce on it, and the side dishes – yum! Mac and cheese, fried okra, pole beans, corn on the cob …

– It’s really hot here. And this line about no humidity really doesn’t help that much when it’s 101 degrees and I decide to go for a run. Will and Michael were right – stick to treadmill! I finally got to go to the pool last night but it was cut short by thunder and lightening. Damn.

– when twittering and facebooking about Frisco, the suburb of Dallas I am staying in, I need to say Texas after it. Otherwise people think I’m talking about San Francisco.

– helping your parents pack and move takes a lot of patience. Thank you to those of you who have called or written to check on how things are going. It’s a stressful time and it’s nice to be able to rely on good friends even just for a quick break away from the madness.

And with that, I have a moving van to pack up! And an Excursion and an Avalon. And then we get to start the 1,200 mile drive back East. I need strength, and I need coffee.