Love handles, tripping on the treadmill, and other disasters

I’ve lost 2 pounds since, well, since the last time I checked.

I don’t really keep up with my weight because I realize it’s just a number. But secretly, I have 6.5 pounds more to lose before I reach the weight I was before I started taking the stupid birth control that made me gain 30 pounds.

The other day it occurred to me that means I’ve lost more than 20 pounds. And I thought about taking 2 10-lb dumbbells out on my run with me – that would be close to what I weighed at my heaviest. That would have made for a tough run had I done it!

I used to run with dumbbells on the treadmill. But without the option to grab onto the sides should I trip (which is likely – I am clumsy), it all felt very reckless. So then I would just hold one dumbbell and switch arms.

I don’t look at the scale often but I do look at my thighs and my belly, two of my least favorite places on my body. They are definitely making me happier these days. Although, I kinda think now that my belly is flatter it’s making my love handles stick out …

But if I raise my arms above my head I don’t have love handles. Problem solved!