Thank you.

Today I am about to run 4 miles (I love tapering!) in my preparation to run 26.2 in a couple of weeks.

I will attempt to write 7,000 words in a last-ditch effort to write a novel for this year’s National Novel Writing Month. I made marathon training a higher priority this year than novel writing, and I am 22,000 words into 50,000, with 4 days to go.

And I will spend time with my family. This year, we are celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner at a seafood restaurant. (I asked for a turkey dinner but the kitchen in the time share condo is pretty small.)

I am so thankful that I can run. And that I can write. And that I can surround myself with wonderful friends and family.

And I am thankful for you. Thank you for coming here to spend time with me every day, or every week, or whenever you can make it here. Knowing you are reading, you are supporting, you are commenting and continuing the conversation – well, I just don’t have the words to tell you what that means.

(Maybe I’m just saving all my words today for my novel. I better go write!)