Relax. Enjoy.

Dell is coming to work on my laptop today (new screen, keyboard, an network card) and Windows 7 is being installed and whatever else Jeff is doing with it …

So today I’m blogging on my iPhone. This post will be short.

I’m in official relax mode before the marathon on Saturday. I went Christmas shopping for 6 hours yesterday in my knee-high boots, and that probably wasn’t the smartest idea. My ankles were sore at the end of it. So, no more boots until after Saturday. I might be rocking the sexy Tevas with socks :/.

I’m going for a massage today. I cannot wait. Then I’m going to babysit for Ronnie’s baby so Sally can take him out for a birthday dinner. And then I will get a good night’s sleep – Hal Higdin says tonight’s sleep is more important than tomorrow nights. This is good because I expect to not sleep a wink on Friday night!

They were calling for a wintry mix on Saturday morning – all before noon (I will be running until 12:30 or so) but now they are saying freezing rain at night. Good for the race, bad for the after party!

Come relax with me today …