The family that dyes hair together …

So, better late than never on the Christmas blog post, right? I’ll try not to bore you with all of the details, but I wanted you to see what my grandmother thought of this present I made for her. Instead of telling you, I’ll show you with pictures, all beautifully captured by Jeff:

Mia sees her present

Mia sees her present

Mia sees her present

Mia sees her present 


Also, I had some leftover hair dye from my red and green stripes from the Thunder Road Marathon. What better time to use the dye but Christmas Day? It’s even better when the family agrees to let me do their hair, too …

Me, Cai and Jenny

Dad with stripes

Mom gets stripes

Even bald Kevin finds a way to join the fun

Stripes on everyone

That last pic was supposed to be just the group with red and green hair, but little Mia and Great Mia jumped in – and really, who’s going to kick them out of the picture?


 And I showed you yesterday the book that I created for the children. Here’s a picture of Kevin reading it to Mia and Sadie:

Kevin reads Turtles Don't Talk


And I’d love to tell you what I did to deserve this huge hug from little Mia:

Mia hugs me

But that’s going to take a post all on its own.  Stay tuned!