The lazy girl’s envy list

I blame the winter weather. And I blame the fact that I already ran a marathon, so my half-marathon race training has left me cocky. But instead of running, I’m sitting here drooling over the things I need that would totally make me a better exerciser, if only I had them:

1.  A home gym

I started reading a blog recently of a girl who ran the same marathon I did – and she wrote a blog post about how she moved her master bedroom into her loft and turned the old bedroom into a workout/office space.

I have never so badly wished for a downstairs bedroom so I could do the same thing …

Now, I do own a treadmill. But the problem is, there’s not a great space for it in the open floor plan of the downstairs of my house. Originally I had it in the sunroom, but I liked the TV as a distraction. And the TV is far enough away that I would have to turn it up super loud to hear anything over the treadmill noise, and the screen is just not close enough to grab my attention. Not to mention I’d have to move the breakfast table lamp and other distractions.

This is what my view of the TV was when I was running on a treadmill  in the sunroom:

Ignore the wagging tail in the foreground.
Ignore the wagging tail in the foreground.

See why it doesn’t sufficiently distract? Plus, I have dreams of turning the (now practically empty) sunroom into a reading room/library/study. A treadmill would totally kill the mood.

Later the treadmill was moved to the garage, where I had a boring view of the wall. Then we stored my sister’s treadmill for a while, and the only way to store it was on top of my treadmill, making them both unusable. So when a friend created a workout room in his basement, the treadmill was sent to live over there for a while.

Problem is, he’s a 225-pound male, and he complains that he can’t run on it – it stops working under his weight. His girlfriend can use it, but he can’t.

So, I could totally get it back, but I have nowhere to put it …

Unless I got one of these

2. A desk for my treadmill



I heard about these desks years ago and have been drooling over them ever since. It would so make me a better multitasker – walking while working? Awesome!

I won’t steal the treadmill back yet … but that trekdesk is totally on my wish list. And it could go upstairs in my office – if I’m just using it for walking, not running, no need to worry about the pounding in the upstairs room!


I know, I know … I have a gym membership, so why do I need a home gym? Not to mention I need to be running outside in order to get my race training in. I’ll feel better, once this snow goes away. Spring will be fine, and then I’ll start complaining that it’s too hot!