Are you clever? Please help!

I haven’t signed up for a triathlon yet, but I have agreed to be the running leg of a triathlon relay race! Sally is going to swim and Kevin is going to bike. We’re going to do the Ballantyne Triathlon in July, and I’m excited because the bike leg practically goes right past my house. We need a team name though. Can you help?

The background, in case it helps you help me think of a team name:

=  Sally  just moved to Rock Hill from California. She was a swim coach for 8 years. This will be her first triathlon and Kevin and I wrestled her into it. She’s an awesome swimmer though!

= Kevin is my brother, I write about him all the time if there’s anything you need to know. He lives in Fort Mill. He does triathlons all the time – just started about a year ago.

= And me. This is the first tri I’ve “officially” agreed to although I’ve still got my eye on one a few weeks prior in Fort Mill.

We don’t expect to be super-fast but we do expect it to be super-fun. And who knows, maybe we’ll do more of them as a team if we enjoy it enough! So the team name needs to be awesome and lasting.

Help, please!



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