Don’t phone it in

Change is everywhere. I see it and I feel it within.

I look in the mirror and I see a stronger, leaner, toned version of myself. It reminds me of marathon training except somehow … better.

I know now why triathletes love the sport. I don’t even care about race day; I’m loving the training so much already. And I’ve barely begun.

Every time I do a workout I feel as if I haven’t worked out at all. I attribute this to crosstraining and to not focusing on my one sport, running, which is more prone to injury than the others.

I see a little definition in my abs. I see it in my collarbone. I see it in my arms.

I feel sexy and strong. I have a feeling this new sport is going to be one I can truly fall in love with …

My workouts somehow feel more … creative. Instead of running, running, running, I’m changing it up.

And somehow that’s translated into my mind. I’m ready to write again, I’m ready to design more and better and bigger. I’m ready to paint again.

Spring is here and I feel renewed and like I can do anything.

I have a confession: I watch Oprah.

I didn’t mean to start. I just wanted to record some stuff on the DVR for background noise while I worked. Anything in the background that wasn’t soaps or reality court shows.

And then … I got hooked. I find myself repeating what she said often.

The other day someone on her show (Dr. Phil maybe?) commented that in order to live life to its fullest, you actually have to show up.

What a concept: You have to show up in your own life. Seems simple. Seems obvious. Reminds me of Jillian Michaels yelling at me on the TV not to “phone it in.”

It’s your life. Don’t phone it in. Show up. Love it. Live it the best way you know how.

Oh, Oprah’s show also said having sex at least twice a week adds 3 years to your life (Hey, I hear things! I pass it on! You’re welcome …)

Speaking of change, my hair has been basically the same for two years (except for the red over the winter) and I’m ready for a change. Thinking I’ll grow it out.

Will take a while to see the results. I’ll need to practice patience. But aren’t the best changes worth waiting for?



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