Melissa, Oh: Cure for the common headache

So I’m on the way to sunny Florida today, and the great thing about owning a laptop is that I’m never bored. I spent the first few hours of the drive working on a client deadline, then stopped at a Denny’s to recharge (literally; my battery was going dead and I couldn’t find my car charger but then I got here and found it at the bottom of my laptop bag and can you tell I have had a lot of coffee?)

So, after finishing up some work using Denny’s free wi-fi, I looked in on my email. And saw this message waiting for me:

ok ok I admit it………… 
 My name is Crystal and I’m addict to Melissa’s blog post.
This is why it does not help my headache when I check the link several times a day and there’s no new post. It makes me sad, and my head still hurts. Nothing to get my mind off it. uuggghhh

Super duper awesome. Not that Crystal has a headache, but that she notices when I don’t blog. Which means I have to cure her headache pronto!

Some cures for headaches (off the top of my head):

= Advil
= Booze
= Sex
= coffee
= Chocolate
= 80s dancing
= Funny movies 
= Morphine

(wait, maybe those are cures for heartbreak. Or maybe those are cures for any ailments …)

Crystal, if it makes you feel any better about your headache I’ll give you something to sympathize with: I’m going to Florida to let my father-in-law stick a drill in my mouth. So I’ll get to truly test how much he likes me.

(He is a dentist. Not a construction worker. Just to make that clear.)

Who else knows a cure for a headache? Or any other ailment? And who else is doing something sunny this weekend? That may or may not involve drills?