Charlotte through another’s eyes

Anil is the biggest jetsetter I know. And I totally admire and envy him for it. And when he visited Charlotte for the first time he fell in love with it. “I can’t believe it’s so green!” he kept saying. And it really opened my eyes to all the things that are beautiful about the city in which I grew up. He loved it so much he’s even considered moving here at some point.

Combine that point with the fact that I’m helping him to decorate his apartment. He loves blue and orange – because of The Mets – but he didn’t want to have a total Mets-themed apartment either. Subtle blue and orange, if you will.

So for his birthday, I went around with my camera and captured some things Charlotte that I know he’s enjoyed. His birthday was yesterday so now I can share them with you:

The Epicentre – one of our favorite places to hang out.
Epicentre in Blue
The Aloft hotel – coolest place to use as a "home base"
The Aloft – street view
WXYZ bar inside the Aloft, with Anil's favorite bartender, Katie, serving up mojitos!
Aloft has free coffee drinks for guests. Awesome.
The Mez – one of Megan's favorite places for sure!
Nothing beats showing off southern food like taking someone to Mert's.
He doesn't love the Panthers, but he does love football.
Old Mecklenburg Brewery – the site of the famous Scottoberfest!
SAS Cupcakes – yum
Their Red Velvet Cupcake was featured on the Food Network.
He liked the peppermint too!
This is actually a Vegas reference – a coffee mug from Hooters Casino. But the mug resides in Charlotte, so it counts, right?

Put them all together, and his place has new art!