What do you love about yourself?

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Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

I love my ability to try things that don’t sound easy.

Initially, I was thinking of workouts. Running wasn’t easy at first (hell, it still isn’t easy most days.) Cycling with all the cars around is scary but I did it anyway. Swimming seemed like a “Melissa makes a fool of herself” moment waiting to happen, but the truth is, it’s not so bad. Camping on the side of a mountain in 4-degree weather – that certainly wasn’t easy. But it was worth it.

But that applies to other things, too. When my grandmother needed someone to stay with her so she could go to rehabilitation after spending time in the hospital for heart troubles last year, I slept in a chair for 7 nights.

And I do not sleep in chairs. So I did not sleep for a week.

Mia kept telling everyone it was payback for when she babysat for me as a child, and we would exchange smiles – I’m guessing she was remembering those times fondly, as I do. 

And even with the not sleeping and her always having to have the blinds up and the blinds down and the bathroom light on and the door situated cracked just so that she could read the clock above the bathroom door perfectly and how I’d get it just right before bed and then the nurses would come in and check on her every 2 hours and they’d go in the bathroom and flip off the light so I’d have to get up every two hours to fix it again? 

Even with all that, do you know what I think of now? How much we bonded that week. How I would not trade in that week for all the money in the world. It wasn’t easy – for her or me! – and after a week I thought I would be ready to go home, but when I stood in the parking lot saying goodbye to my grandmother, I didn’t want to leave her. I wanted to go home with her and see her some more! We both bawled like kids in the parking lot who’d had a fantastic slumber party and who didn’t want to have to go home.

When a friend has family issues and needs a hand, I fly out to help. And when my brother is having back surgery, I wonder if I should change my existing travel plans to help (and I would, if he needs it. He said he doesn’t need it as of yet.) I let people live with me when they need to. Those things are not always easy, though, they would do the same for me, I am certain.

Writing this post has inspired me a little – I want to have more examples to show. I want to be able to do more for more people. This makes me want to look out for situations in which I’m needed, and step in and help.

Oh, and physically, I love my shoulders and collarbone when I’ve been working out (for the record, I am not loving much about my body this week. I need to go for a good hard run.). And I love my smile and my eye color.

My shoulders and collarbone (well, partial collarbone)

What about you? What is something you love about yourself?



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