Redecorating, reorganizing and other people’s mail

So, I’ve been in Phoenix helping Anil to redecorate his condo. And it’s been so much fun – and so much work! For the first few days, we were still finalizing the “look” we wanted to go for. If you recall, I gave a proposal here as to what I thought we should go for. The biggest piece to this propsal was the brick stripping, which hasn’t gone exactly as planned. We tried it a few months ago, which I talked about here. We have since tried to hire someone to do it, and we can’t find anyone who can or will do it. Most people are saying that in order to do what it takes to get the brick off the walls, we would end up ruining everything else in the condo – floors, walls, etc. So that’s not going to work. That’s ok, we are implementing a Plan B until such day they come up with a product that makes paint just fall off of brick.

Jeff got a chance to see the place and he noticed all sorts of improvements to be made that I hadn’t even thought of. Removal of popcorn ceiling. Organize and hide wiring. Actually clean the walls even if the brick won’t be stripped. Make sure to patch holes before replacing vertical blinds. Replace lighting fixtures – they don’t match and ceiling fan blades are sagging. My oh my. This project gets bigger every day.

So, I’ll go into more detail next week about what’s been done/to be done. I can’t talk too much today – there is work to do to prep for some painting this evening!

But I’ll leave you with two things: Anil’s dirty little secret and does anyone in Phoenix need a couch? Check it out here. He got a new one and is selling his old one. I don’t have many Phoenix readers but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

And now, the secret I discovered while helping Anil to organize – he hides mail everywhere. I mean everywhere. I found it in the pantry. Under the kitchen sink. Stacks of it, unopened, in a desk he doesn’t use. Another stack in a dresser that’s not used. Most of it unopened. Some of it not even for him. I asked him about it and he said that he keeps it on the counter and then if someone is coming over last minute and he’s trying to clean up that he just hides it wherever he can. I wonder if there are any uncashed checks in all that mail – perhaps he could use it to buy more furniture!