Cinnamon rolls may be good, but is it worth this?

Cinnabon update:

(If you missed what happened on Thursday, I wrote about it here.)

A third-party representative named Jorge called me on Saturday. He was very nice and wanted to hear my story. He especially was shocked that the woman never warned me it was hot water that she was serving me. He also was shocked that she served it with a cold-drink lid as opposed to a hot-drink lid.

He was also calling to make sure that franchise owner had called me. I informed him that he was the first person I’d heard from (aside from the response I got on Twitter that they would contact me directly.) So nope, no call from any franchise owner. He assured me that someone would call me today from the actual company. As of this post I have not heard from anyone.

As far as my mouth goes, it still hurts even today (4 days later!). The blisters on my tongue have subsided but the roof of my mouth still feels puffy and numb. I was out to eat on Friday night with Anil and I ordered some shrimp with cocktail sauce. Since it was all soft foods I thought it would be okay – but the cocktail sauce burned my mouth something fierce. It’s too bad, too, because that cocktail sauce would have been awesome sauce had my mouth not been in shocking amounts of pain. I had to stop eating at that point – because let’s face it, shrimp is pretty boring without the cocktail. Another meal, wasted.

I can drink coffee but only at lukewarm temperatures – ick. Since the hot water ingestion, my teeth hurt like never before. I feel like it’s ruining my vacation!

Michael said to me when I told him what was going on, “You can’t stand up for falling down!!!”  My feelings exactly.



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