Two steps forward, one step back

So, yesterday I had a big day planned. Was going to go to the gym for the second time since my fainting incident. But  I didn’t make it as planned. In fact, I didn’t do anything as planned. Woke up with my face swollen around where my stitches had been and feeling miserable. I called Anil to ask him to please cancel my gym plans with his dad and I told him I was going to take a pain pill and go back to bed. I didn’t even take the pain pill – was too miserable to get out of bed to get it.

I spent most of the day in bed – didn’t even get up till about 2 pm. Anil had made me the abs diet breakfast at 5 am (more on my nutrition another day!) before going to work so I had breakfast when I woke up. Had a snack when he got home from work. I was ready to veg on the couch for the rest of the afternoon but Anil insisted some fresh air would be good for me. I had the heat on and was freezing (and no, the Phoenix air outside was not cold), and he insisted the condo was stuffy and gloomy. I tagged along while he ran some errands and I did feel better.

It didn’t last long, though – I was in bed around 9 pm. Not sure what’s going on with my face but I’m wondering if an allergy or something got into my “new” skin where I’m healing. I have an odd new bump or something right next to my stitches. The roof of my mouth is hurting still from my lovely Cinnabon incident (more on that soon too, I promise!)  I took an allergy pill this morning so we’ll see if that helps.

Today I’ll be taking it easy, that much I know. …



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