Laser hair update

So, I’ve told you I’d keep you updated about laser hair removal. The main negative thing is that it’s such a slow process. Doesn’t seem like it at first, but wait 4-6 weeks between sessions and it seems to drag forever … especially for someone like me, who used to wax before and absolutely hates shaving. But that’s the only thing you can do between sessions!

So, here’s where I stand at this point:

Brazilian bikini – 4 sessions done
Full legs – 2 sessions done
Underarms – 2 sessions done

And here’s where the results stand thus far:

Bikini – I can definitely tell a difference. Started seeing it right away. It seems to be working faster on the sides than anywhere else, but that works for me because that’s what a bathing suit doesn’t hide anyway.

Legs – My lower legs have dark hair, my upper legs have light hair with the exception of a few hairs. The lady warned me the upper legs may not see much results, but given the price she was giving me ($25/session), I figured even if it just got a few hairs it was worth it … electrolysis would be more expensive, so why not? With the two sessions I’ve had, it’s hard to see any results with either part of the legs. I can “feel” it working (a prickly feeling when it gets hairs), and I have seen a few roots come out after the first session, so I have confidence it’s working at least on the lower legs, I just can’t tell a difference yet. It’s possible I just don’t look at my legs often enough to really notice either way. I also ended up with a really nasty bruise on my upper leg right above the back of my knee after the last session. It hurts but I think it only happened because she turned the machine up, which she only did because I told her I could barely feel it. So I’m not upset about it; in fact, if turning up the machine means it works “better” then I don’t mind a temporary bruise!

Underarms – Saw a huge difference after the first session (which I’ve heard is typical), and not much yet after the second one but it’s only been about a week (results typically show up a week or two after the session.) I’ve heard after the first session, results are gradual on underarms, so I’m not expecting to see a whole lot.

So far so good! I would recommend laser hair removal to anyone I know. Keep your eyes out for the deals …