Item of the day: Scaring teenage cashiers (a Mia story)

So, you probably know that I recently lost my grandmother, Mia.

I was just thinking about the last time I hung out with her, a few days before she died, and I wanted to share this story.

I took Mia to run some errands. The first place we went was Lowe’s Home Improvement. Mia hobbled with her cane up to the teenage cashier at the Garden Center with all the attitude that she could muster, and she shoved a leaf across the counter. The cashier, bless her heart with likely limited knowledge of anything gardening, just gave Mia a blank look. “Fungus remover,” Mia said sternly. “Give me something to get rid of this fungus on my plants.”

The poor cashier seemed a bit intimidated by the intimidating 90-something-pound Mia with a cane, and she inadvertently sent us to the wrong aisle. We had to circle around the gardening area for several moments before I finally convinced Mia to sit on a bench inside, out of the humidity, and I found someone who actually knew about something plants. Finally armed with the fungus remover, we went on to the next round of errands.

She did tell me she’d been tired that day, but it didn’t matter, she said, “because I have too much to do.”