A moment of time in travel

Some moments in my travels, thus far over the past few weeks …

I took this photo at MIX, a rooftop bar at THEhotel in Las Vegas. It was the perfect place to watch the sun set over the strip! I like how you can see the screen in the girl's camera as she takes a photo of the sunset.
This is the backside of Junkman's Daughter, located in Little Five in Atlanta. Little Five was one of my favorite places in Atlanta that Joe showed us.
Yes, I rode in this cab in Phoenix. And no, it was not in the 80s. I had to snap the back of it because the car was just so awesomely retro.
We ziplined over downtown Vegas. And it was amazing. It's a must-do every time I go back to Vegas now. Was so much fun!
Hanging out in the Luxor … enjoying Vegas …
Somewhere between Las Vegas and Phoenix, we stopped for gas and I snapped this photo.

I edited all these photos using the Best Camera app, which I talk about a little more here if you want to see some “before” photos. I love that I don’t have to keep up with anything but my iPhone!



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