I didn’t realize I was getting another tattoo …

So, you may or may not be bored to pieces by now with my accounts of laser hair removal. I had purchased a Living Social deal for laser hair removal in Phoenix at Senza Med Spa, but I found a place here that is offering me prices that are even better than the deal was offering. Since I’ve also started to establish a relationship with this girl, I didn’t want to hop around too much – wanted to exhibit at least a little brand loyalty! So I decided to use my Living Social deal for electrolysis instead.

Anil agreed to give electrolysis a try, too. I’ve had it done many times and I told him it’s really great. He typically gets his eyebrows waxed and I told him this would be a great way to get rid of some of that hair permanently.

I’ll pause to tell you I had a rocky start with this place. I made the appointment for last Wednesday and Anil and I skipped the gym that day just so we could go. When I got there, they had not scheduled me, and they blamed a computer glitch. They apologized but didn’t seem overly concerned about “making it right.” Anil said it’s likely because we had a coupon, but that doesn’t seem fair to me. Then, yesterday, when I showed up for the second appointment (which they had actually scheduled this time) they got my living social deal confused with another one they were running and the owner was not the nicest in explaining to me how it worked (which it was very clearly stated, and I didn’t have questions about, so I wasn’t really sure why she was talking to me like I was 5 years old. Guessing Anil is right about being treated second-class when a coupon is involved. That is unfortunate.)

So, I was about to write this place off. Two bad impressions and the work hadn’t even begun. But Sofya, my electrolysis technician, made up for the bad by being super nice and professional. Once I was in the room with her, I felt like things were going to be ok with this place.

When I get electrolysis at home, I have her work on my toes. I hate having hair there! So I wanted to continue with that, and in addition, I had Sofya start on my bikini line. You can’t get laser hair removal on top of a tattoo, and one of my tattoos dips into my bikini line. So I had her work on the hair on the tattoo and just around it.

I thought this was going to be just another day of electrolysis. Boy, was I wrong. She handed me a silver rod to hold, and she said, “you probably remember this from your other sessions.” Uhm, no … never seen that before …

Sofya then explained to me that I was likely getting the thermolysis method of electroysis done at home. It’s slightly different than the blend method, which is what Senza uses. She told me the blend method is more effective. I found this web site that explains the differences pretty well, if you want to know more. Works for me, I thought …

“Oh yeah,” Sofya said right before she stuck a needle into my bikini line, “You may feel more of a sting than you’re used to.”

Wow, was that the understatement of the year! I felt more than just a sting … in fact, right on my tattoo line, I really was feeling like I was getting a tattoo all over again! I did not complain one bit, though. She said she could turn down the intensity if it was too much, but the higher the intensity, the more “fried” the hair follicle becomes (or something like that.)

I also wondered about Anil, in a seperate room getting his eyebrows attacked, and I figured he might be ready to kill me right about then.

But, I made it through, as did he (for the record, he said he has a high tolerance for pain but there was once or twice he really had to grit his teeth himself.) His electrolysis technician, Stephanie, was awesome, he said.

And I’ve immediately started trying to find a place in Charlotte that offers this method. If it really is more effective, the pain is worth it! Does anyone know of a place that offers the blend method? I may just have to make Senze med spa a frequent stop when I’m in town …