NoDa garage mural was created by HGTV-famous NC artist

You may or may not have seen our post yesterday on Melissa Oyler Designs’ blog about North Carolina mural artist Scott Nurkin and his recent rise to HGTV fame.

You also may or may not also know a tiny fun fact: Scott Nurkin painted a mural on our garage.


Noda Garage Mural

I designed a brochure for last year’s Yard Art Day in which I explained to people the meaning behind the garage art. I’ll copy the wording from the brochure for you here:

In this Banksy-inspired tribute to the Queen City, Queen Charlotte lets go of the red heart balloon while looking toward the NoDa water tower. While doing so, she loses the grip on her crown.

Do we have to choose between dreams and development? Between growth and character? Is Queen Charlotte trapped between the city and the arts district, forced to choose between money and community?

We think the Queen can have it all, and the very act of creating this mural gives evidence of that. Conceived by homeowners Jeffrey and Melissa Oyler and created by muralist Scott Nurkin.

When Jeffrey and Melissa were house shopping, they found this gem on 37th Street. The only complaint Melissa had was that the view of the garage was so prominent from the street, and she feared it would take away from the character of the home. Jeffrey just looked at her and said: “So let’s paint a mural on it … This is the arts district.”

Sold! Now their friends say to them, “I wish I had a garage door to paint on!”

Congrats to The Mural Shop for getting a great mural onto HGTV. Also, if you haven’t heard of Yard Art Day, now’s the time to mark your calendar. It’s amazing.

If you happen to see this mural in the wild, please tag #nodagaragemural on social media. We want to see your posts!