7-Day Art Challenge Day 7: Logo Design

My friend Tamera tagged me in a 7-day art challenge recently. The rules are simple: post 7 pieces of art and talk about them. So far with my posts, we’ve visited the darkroom, the newsroom, a magazine startuppoetry, book cover design, and creative direction of photo shoots.

For the last day of this art challenge, I want to talk about logo design. I specifically want to tell you about a logo I designed for a client who has also been a colleague, a boss, an editor, a writing buddy, and, most importantly, a friend.

When Kimberly Lawson asked me to design a logo for her writing business, I barely even needed to ask her any questions about what she would like the logo’s message to convey. I know her and her work so well it was almost like designing something for myself. And the result was one of the best logos I believe I’ve ever designed.

There’s something special about working with a kindred spirit that just makes things come together just so. I wanted Kim’s logo to be simple, powerful, and to send a clear message. Turning a K into a pen with a purple wax seal behind it was so fitting for her – her writing is clean, creative and timeless.

And so, friends, here it is: The last piece of art I want to show for this 7-day art challenge:


Of course, I’m totally tagging Kim today: Kim is an amazing writer and although she tells her story mostly using words, she’s also got the mind of an artist and she has been my partner in crime on many of my artistic endeavors. So, Kim, you’re it!

Thank you, Tamera, for inviting me on this journey. It really was difficult to narrow it down to 7 of my favorites. And it also lit a fire under me to keep creating on this journey we call life. Even if I didn’t tag you, my friends, I invite you to share your artistic journey!