NYC subway, a cappuchino, and my iPhone

I got my iPhone 3G in July. Since then, I have had no stress. None. I am serious. Since I work for myself, I am always working. (I’m not complaining one bit – I can also take a nap in the middle of the day if I choose!). This means if I am away from my computer for a few hours, especially during a work day but even on a weekend – I start to get antsy. Start to wonder what I’m missing, who might be trying to find me, what I might need to catch up on later.

Since the addition of the iPhone, it’s no longer a guessing game. I also find little pockets of time to be productive. I can send out an email while I’m waiting in line, I can check my calendar right away when I’m asked if I’m free a certain day, I can clean with my headphones in and not worry I won’t hear the phone ring. 

I’m vacationing in New York City right now. Jeff is here for a conference, and I’m tagging along because I never miss a chance to visit NYC. Jeff’s been busy in conference all day, and my sorority sister Erin (who I normally come to visit) has been working all week (those people and their real jobs!) so I’ve been spending a lot of time in the city alone. I love the city – almost even more so alone. I get to truly explore, to test myself and see if I know what I’m doing. And since I have no true destination, I’m never really lost! (unless I lose the hotel, which I’ve only done once and only for a few minutes!)

I found true value for my iPhone yesterday. I was on the subway, and I decided to start working on a blog. I started typing away using the notes application, and before I knew it, I had the first segment done before my stop! Later in the day I took a break to have a cappuccino, and I typed the rest of the blog. On the return to the hotel on the subway, I made some edits and clarified a few points. It was so easy to email it to myself as I was finished, and then just a simple copy/paste into WordPress. I was surprised at how long it was — I wrote all that on my iPhone? Wow!

I often feel that I have great ideas that strike me, and I think, “I’ll have to remember to write that down.” And I never remember! I’m hoping that all that will change – now that I have the power to note any thought I have with little effort, I will make sure to start recording all the ideas I deem great – even if I just laugh at myself later for thinking so.



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