Walking in a New Yorker’s shoes

I looked out the window Tuesday morning – on my second full day in NYC this trip – and it was raining. Ewwww, I thought. Who wants to do sightseeing in this weather? But I didn’t want to miss out on seeing anything. So, after an extra long session in the (indoor) workout room in the hotel, I hit the streets, drizzle and all.

What I saw were lots of umbrellas and covered jackets – and these super-cute galoshes that all the women seemed to be wearing. They were all different designs and colors, and they looked so fun! I ducked into a store and there they were. “$20 for the boots,” said the saleslady. I wanted a pair – pondered the usefulness of them in Charlotte and the ability to get them on the plane, and decided to think about it.

My new galoshes
My new galoshes

Went into another store where they were marked $30. And another at $35. $25, $29 … I was starting to consider going back to the first store, when I decided to shop at Filene’s Basement. Erin had told me this store was great – and she wasn’t kidding!

In addition to my Levis for $20 and my Sevens for $40, I saw the galoshes again. These were marked $16 — and they were 50 percent off! What a steal. They had one pair of my favorites in my size, so I snatched them up and headed back out into the rain, this time, in a New Yorker’s shoes.



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