It was a curvy road finding you

But when our eyes touched
joined in our new world
I could do nothing but stare
and wonder what it would take
to know you
to hold you

and then we said hello

Cedar Mountain was ours but it couldn’t keep us
You belonged to the shore
but my heart was yours

You were in my dreams again last night

A millennium alone
enough to carry me to your home

and then you to mine

Years rush by
and I know you more
than I’ve ever known

The mountains bring us back
No more dreaming

I am yours

In the mountains of Asheville
I find you
our bodies meet
on smooth sheets and clean air
the curvy road has led us here

In Assisi’s hills I know for sure
The mountains are ours and they can keep us
You belong to our home
and my heart is yours.

This poem was written in 2005.






2 responses to “It was a curvy road finding you”

  1. Amy Avatar

    so sweet

  2. Jeffrey Avatar

    Sounds like there is a very lucky guy out there. Very lucky. 😉