Update on opposite sex drama

As I wrote about yesterday, having friends of the opposite sex can sometimes lead to a bunch of silly drama.

B called me yesterday morning to apologize again for the way M had treated me the night before. He said some other events had her really stressed out:

* He had just gotten a new phone that day that wasn’t working properly. He could call out, but if someone called him it went straight to a woman’s voicemail. The woman sounded old. M got mad at him for that, “Who the hell is that woman on your voicemail?” I repeat, the woman sounded old.
* After lots of miscommunication regarding his broken phone, the 2 of them finally talked at 5:30, when she told him I had called her, and she also told him about his broken phone. He said he would go to the Cricket store to get it fixed then come to her work.
* He was at the Cricket store for 1.5 hours while they tried to figure out what was wrong. When he got to her work at 7:30, she was livid. “Are you cheating on me?” she demanded. Not sure if she meant with the old lady from his voicemail, me, or perhaps someone he met at the Cricket store.
* Then infamous conversation with me occurred.
* When she got angry at him for what I’d said, he told her to chill out. “Geez, we dated in high school,” he said.
* Ahem. Apparently, until that moment, she did not know we had dated at all. Perfect timing, B. Perfect timing.

In other news, I asked him about the girl that M had mentioned from a few months ago, and he said nothing happened between him and the girl. He said he and M were fighting, and the girl and he went out for drinks. He asked the girl to lie to M for him, and she did. Because of this lie, M thinks they were hooking up.

B says it’s all fine now and we can all hang out. I, however, am not so sure. Might just wait a few months before I try to meet up with him again …







5 responses to “Update on opposite sex drama”

  1. Lindsey G. Avatar
    Lindsey G.

    Wow! Girl is nuts!!!

  2. Lindsey G. Avatar
    Lindsey G.

    Although…I hear those Cricket employees are pretty hot!

  3. Colleen Avatar

    Drama! Sounds like they need to break-up for good.

  4. Amy Avatar

    Yeah, I agree, Colleen, sounds like B needs to move on.

  5. Amy Avatar

    Suddenly I feel as if I’m in an episode of Gossip Girl. Feel like I should start talking about S soon. Apologies if you don’t watch that show.