Feeling a little lost today.

I am impatient, overly sensitive and I know I worry too much. I resist change and I get defensive when I feel like I’m being told what to do. I cry too easily when I shouldn’t, not at all sometimes when I should, and I’d be willing to bet money I don’t look cute when I faint in public.







4 responses to “Feeling a little lost today.”

  1. Chris Avatar

    No worries. That’s what friends on AT&T and the resulting free minutes are for. And here’s a shoulder or two if you need ’em.

  2. Jeffrey Avatar

    You do look cute when you faint, if you ask me, but don’t go making a habit of it. Then again, your imperfections are some of the things I love about you.

  3. Jeffrey Avatar

    It is interesting to read this post, and the last one http://melissaoh.com/2008/10/bring-on-the-drama-i-need-material/ back-to-back.

  4. Melissa Avatar

    Yeah, I thought about that. Did I mention I’m melodramatic, too?