My own bucket list

My friend Beth wrote recently about creating a bucket list. She has inspired me to think about my own. What is it that I want to accomplish in my lifetime?

1. Write a novel.
2. Live in New York City.
3. Travel to all of the continents (this is Jeff’s idea actually, but I am on board!)
4. Become a successfully published writer of both fiction and poetry (how does one define success on these things?)
5. Win a non-newspaper related design award (have 4 newspaper-related ones)
6. Get another college degree (photography, graphic design, or writing. Or all 3!)
7. Run a half-marathon (lemme do this first, then we’ll talk about a full one)
8. Go for an extended hiking trip (Appalachian Trail, perhaps?)
9. Live in another country for at least a short time.
10. Take up cycling, both for exercise and transportation.



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