Diamonds, Lies, and Alibis excerpt (#nanowrimo)

Was going to send you here to read, but their site has problems crashing during November so you can also read below:


The two sat in silence for several moments, enjoying each other’s company and speaking without words. They always had this way of feeling the other’s presence and moods, and tonight was no exception: Ryan was content, Erykah decided. And in that moment, she was too.

“What have you got going on this weekend?” Ryan asked.

“Kylie’s bridal shower,” Erykah said. “We’re at the 2-month point! Thank God.”

“Two months before the wedding? Already?” Ryan asked. “How is she holding up?”

“Well, every day there is a new emergency,” Erykah said. “This week it was the shade of pink of the bridesmaids dresses coming in incorrectly, last week it was the inscription on the rings, next week … who knows … Just glad it’s almost over.”

“Almost over,” Ryan said. “Interesting way to describe something typically considered a new beginning.”



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