Beer, coffee, writing and tampons

OK, there are many more reasons than this, but after staying with Chris for a week I had to share a few reasons why he’s one of the best friends a girl could have:

5. He lives in the awesome downtown of Athens, Ga., and we can walk to like 100 bars or something crazy like that.

4. Even though he has total ADD when it comes to his own novel, he is totally supportive when it comes to mine and doesn’t even mind me bragging about being above the daily word count when he is behind.

3. He likes to cook. And clean. And make coffee and bring it to me at the ungodly hour he wakes up.

2. He lets me spend his money at IKEA without hesitation (OK, without hesitation once I twist his arm behind his back.)

and the number one reason Chris rocks, and the reason I am giving him the friendship award of the week, is this:

1. When I call him at work and ask him to buy me tampons on the way home from lunch, he does not respond with “Ew, ick” or “Hell, no.” Instead, he says, “Of course – what brand?”






5 responses to “Beer, coffee, writing and tampons”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Wow. Go Chris.

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  2. Heather Avatar

    That is an awesome friend!

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  3. muttmutt Avatar

    Speaking as a man, any man that says “Ew, Ick” to buying tampons has never really been in love with a woman. Jeez… Do guys really say that? Men are pigs. Of course it could be that I grew up with a single parent mother and three sisters that the whole “menstrual pollution” thing is lost on me. 🙂

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  4. Joanna Avatar

    Wow that is impressive. My hubby doesn’t say anything but has a momentary flinch before saying (with a sigh), “What kind?”

  5. little girl l BIG VOICE Avatar

    LOL! I’ve got one of those in NYC! They’re the best! PS totally didn’t know you and Chris were peeps!

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