#nanowrimo: Who are these people in my head? On the page?

I am 11 days into writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month, and as far as word count goes, I am right on track. I was hoping to be ahead at this point but as it is, I’m just able to stay on track. My plot outline is unfolding just as I planned, but some of these characters are just out of control.

At 16,000 words and counting, this is the longest piece of fiction I have written thus far.

And as the characters are unfolding, I have to ask myself: Who is Ryan? Is he the horrible jerk who left Erykah for another woman years ago, an act Erykah will forever deem unforgivable? Or is he the one who has stolen her heart and even years of ups and downs won’t tame their passion and their connection to each other? For better or worse, they are destined to be … there is no ending them. Or is there a point where even those most in love have to learn to let go?

And who is Matthew? He is arrogant, he is a player, he is way too confident and ambitious. But is he capable of love? Or does he just tell women what they want to hear in order to further his own agenda? Can Kylie ever trust him? Of course she can; Kylie leaps in with both feet. Does that mean she will drown?

Erykah is an independent, career-driven, head on her shoulders best friend to unlucky-in-love Kylie. But is Erykah cold, unable to feel sympathy? Is her frustration for Kylie’s fairweather approach to love making Erykah bitter?

And who is Lee? He is keeping himself from me, hiding his heart. He needs to show his face. Be a man and come out of hiding, Lee … even if your heart is not good. Even if.



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