Sparkle eyes and sharp edges

Metallic talk burns in mouths hot with anger
and his words sting so she fights back with hers
both knowing things that are said can’t be erased
neither caring as passion and possession
are clear victors in this broken and torn battle.

He challenges her to make the first move
but she sees it as his turn; remembers a time
at his doorstop with her things and her heart
and he asked her to come back another day.

Somehow when they were busy creating dreams
pride ended up on the wrong camp from love.
It is time to choose, and they must choose now.
And neither recall how to embrace each other.

She fights to the death for love – always love,
and Lord knows, this is killing them both.
He is on her side – he feels it when he finds her
in the dark of his heart, and she is still there,
looking at him with devotion in her eyes.


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