Thoughts on a 12-year friendship

Shannon and MelissaI’m trying to think of something – anything to write about to get my mind off of my worry for Shannon today, but that’s just not happening.

So instead I will tell you about Shannon. I met Shannon my freshman year in college and we were instant friends. Actually, that’s not true. I met her my freshman year in college and I was so intimidated by her because she was outgoing and beautiful and stylish, and she said whatever was on her mind – loudly. I mistakenly thought her confidence meant she was an upperclassman, and I shied away from her because I figured she had better friends already established since she must’ve been at college longer than me.

I do believe it was my 21-year-old boyfriend who brought me and Shannon together. See, he could buy booze – and that was a hot commodity among college freshmen … So she asked me one day if he could buy us some beer and, I do believe the rest was history (for the record, so was the boyfriend not too long after that.)

We lived in the same building sophomore year too, then got an off-campus apartment after that with Colleen. That was the year we became sorority sisters and coworkers, so we got to see each other quite a lot! We lived apart after that, then together again after graduation and she got to put up with me when I worked a night shift and had weekdays off …

No one makes me laugh as much as Shannon. No one puts up with my day-to-day stuff like she does either – I could complain to her for an hour about a paper cut, and she listens just as sympathically as if I were telling her my deepest, darkest fears. Sometimes we go a day, or a week, or a month without talking (usually my fault), and we pick right back up where we left off. I make a mental list to tell her everything in my life because I truly can’t wait to hear her commentary on it – whether humorous, or insightful, or empathetic (and for the record, she is not nearly as intimidating as she once seemed – just fun!)

Today Shannon is in ICU at the hospital after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl named Laurel. I talked to her on Sunday night on her way to the hospital – they were to induce labor on Monday. She was thrilled about welcoming her new daughter into the world. She’d had a rough time getting here, but she had made it and she was excited about beginning her family with her husband, Mark. I’m unclear on all the details, but I know things on Monday were long – Laurel finally came via C-section at 4:56 a.m. Tuesday morning. We all celebrated – What a beautiful baby! – but then yesterday afternoon, Shannon was taken back into surgery. Today has been a flurry of friends and sorority sisters trying to find and share information on our dear Shannon, and lots and lots of prayers. I just got word she is awake and talking, which makes me feel a million times better.

Get better Shannon. Your baby needs her beautiful mother, and the rest of us need our Shannon back.






3 responses to “Thoughts on a 12-year friendship”

  1. Chris Avatar

    I’m glad to hear she’s getting better.

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  2. Cindy Avatar

    Me too! I’m glad she’s getting better too. I’m saying lots and lots and LOTS of prayers for her! She has lots to come home to including very loyal friends!

    Last blog post from Cindy – ANBERLIN

  3. Lindsey Avatar

    I actually met Shannon in 10th grade when a friend I had, Shane, moved to Greenville and befriended Shannon. A few friends and I went to visit Shane and got to meet Shannon while there. I thought she was hysterical even back then!!! The one memory I have of her during that time is her falling down a hill in her yard after asking her parents if she could go somewhere with us and they told her no. (i have NO idea where we wanted to go…probably somewhere silly knowing us) She was just so “whatever” about it which is rare for someone in high school. I got to be her Rosebuddy when she joined the sorority because of our history. I’m sooo glad that she’s okay because I couldn’t imagine Laurel having a better mother than Shannon!!!!! I mean seriously, who else is going to teach her how to play Mary Katherine Gallagher for the sorority’s Greek Week performance?!?!?

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