A Twitter life (or something like that)

My friend Wendy quoted me in an article she wrote about Twitter. Find out what she learned in the first few months of Twittering and how she believes it can be a positive PR tool. And of course, you can read what I wrote about all of my new buddies here.







3 responses to “A Twitter life (or something like that)”

  1. Whitney Avatar

    That was a nice article; both Wendy’s musings on Twitter and the nice things that you had to say about your experiences! I have a friend here in the DC Metro area (and on Twitter) who has really been advocating the use of social media for non-profits for awhile. We should hook the two of them up! 🙂

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  2. Elwood Avatar

    Plus, sometimes, you get beer bottles in the mail.

    Great article!

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  3. Jeffrey Avatar

    Social media and beer. Yes, Twitter rocks.

    Very nice article (and a great poetry assignment.com plug!)