On cold coffee and Lite-Brite declarations

Elwood tagged me and although I’ve done this one before, I figure there’s no harm in telling you 7 more things that you don’t know about me right? So here goes:

7 things you don’t know about me:

 1. I am allergic to tarter-control toothpaste. At least, that’s what a dentist told me once. I didn’t question it, just stopped using it.

2. If it wasn’t for the existence of prosciutto, pepperoni or sausage, I could totally be a vegetarian. I could live without chicken (though I’d have to find another way to consume buffalo sauce), don’t eat steak (I do like cheeseburgers, but I could live without)

3. I can’t drink coffee piping hot. If I take a sip right after I pour it, I feel it on my tongue or the roof of my mouth for days after. Chris says that means I drink it cold; he is wrong, but there is a delicate balance there – once it gets to the right temperature, I better drink it quickly or else it will get cold (as is the case right now, actually, I’m about to go dump this cup and start again.)

4. Amy and I cemented our friendship in stone in third grade. When I say “in stone” I mean with a Lite-Brite masterpiece that spelled out “Amy + Melissa  Best Friends” (and wow, Lite-Brites look different now!)

5. I have a hard time hearing conversations in which there is a lot of background noise. I don’t know if I’m just easily distracted or if it’s actually a hearing thing. In contrast, when I am sleeping or getting sleepy, I have supersonic hearing. Someone coughs in the house down the street and I’m instantly wide awake: “What was that?”

6. I love dogs. Big dogs. The bigger the better. My doberman mix is 80 pounds and he’s still a “puppy” to me.

My brother raiding my liquor cabinet. Do we really look that much alike?
My brother raiding my liquor cabinet. Do we really look that much alike?

7. My brother and I look exactly alike, apparently. I mean, I knew we had the same skin tone and hair color (although he’s got a shaved head and mine is dyed right now;  but we both have the same natural hair color – auburn), but I didn’t realize how similar we really looked until I started walking into his workplace and people I’d never seen before would stop me and say, “Um, do you know Kevin?” I’ve been told since then we have the exact same features, too – nose, forehead, chin – that we could be twins. He’s 5 years younger than me, so if that’s the case, I want to be his age.