Casual sex the morning after

I wrote a blog post yesterday about casual sex, asking why people do it. I knew I was walking a fine line when I broached the subject. I truly didn’t understand the logic behind it. Thank you to everyone who joined the discussion – because I actually did get some answers!

Here’s what I picked up on yesterday:

* Is there something titillating (yes, I said titillating) about the forbidden, as Sam suggested – a boss’ desk, a mile-high club equivalent that makes it hot and totally worth it?

* Do some people equate sex with love and others simply not – as Dan said: people either keep sex and emotions in two boxes or one, and it depends on the person?

* Is there pressure on people to perform? And if so, is this a male vs. female thing?


All that said, after reading your comments, I’ve come up with a list of reasons to have casual sex (as opposed to yesterday, when I gave a few questions/reasons not to have casual sex.):

* It burns calories. The hotter the sex, the more calories burned. Sex with a new person has at least the potential to be really hot, thus, burning more calories.

* Gay sex. Always a fun option.

* Letting your “freak flag fly” can be an aphrodisiac.

* Hot girls named Tiffany with huge tits will hit on you. (The comments allude to a fictitious Tiffany, but I’ve actually met her. And ooh la la!)

* Being turned into sexual jelly. Now, that’s just hot.


I think Graham said it very well yesterday: “I think this is quite simply a matter of personal morals and personal appraisal of risk. Intelligent people can (and should!) disagree on whether or not it is worth it — without rejecting their peers’ conclusions as illogical.”

Bottom line: I’m not condoning or judging it (hopefully everyone realizes I wasn’t yesterday, either.) I say yay to sex, whether casual or monogamous, as long as everyone knows the safe word.







5 responses to “Casual sex the morning after”

  1. Chris Avatar

    It was as great post and I loved the attention it got and the multitude of responses. I think this summary not only remains nonjudgmental, but also gives strength to the notion that casual sex IS personal and not something that can be defined by rules.

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  2. crisatunity Avatar

    In addition to your summation, today’s passive aggressive note wraps it up nicely too.

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  3. Elwood Avatar

    Sex rules no matter what. Great topic and awesome responses.

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  4. Dan Avatar

    Good summary and good topic of discussion.

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  5. Scath Avatar

    Nice summation and always a topic of interest.