White lace panties and all-night dance parties

Sometimes all the cards line up and everything falls into place and the result is a magical weekend that no one could have predicted or planned. I had just one of those last weekend. I won’t go into it all but 3 days later I am still smiling at the thought of it, so I have to at least tell you why.

My childhood friend Amanda asked Jeff and me to photograph her outdoor wedding on Saturday which turned into an indoor wedding when the sky decided to start dumping buckets of water from it. No matter, though. She kept a smile on her face even when her new husband stepped on her train on the way to their first dance and the guests got to see more than just love on the dance floor – they also got a glimpse of white lace panties and part of a butt cheek. Amanda was the bride that laughed at it, part of the reason I love her so much. Here she is getting sewn up after mooning all of her wedding guests:

amanda-dress-ripShe’s beautiful on the inside and beautiful on the outside and I’m lucky to know her. I’ll share more pictures later, but the day turned out wonderful.


I thought I’d be way too tired after the wedding to do anything but crash but some friends were having a party so I found some more energy, somehow.

The energy was just right at the party and looking back it’s no surprise that a card game turned into a dance party at just the right moment and the entire crowd was on the same page. Chris took some pics with his iPhone:

Dance party








Dance party
















Dance party










The party went on until 5 a.m. and then we reluctantly said goodbye and went home for about 4 hours of sleep.


Then Chris and I attemped a 4-mile jog (which we accomplished, despite lack of sleep) with my dogs, who were absolutely loving all this exercise after a few rainy days in a row.


Jeff, Chris and I went to the *awesomest* breakfast place ever (The Flying Biscuit) and then Chris and I found the best movie theater in Charlotte (the one at the Epicenter Uptown), where we saw Duplicity, which was a pretty great movie.


Ah, a perfect weekend. I can only hope this next one holds a candle to it! We’re going 80s dancing Saturday at The Breakfast Club (come meet us there!) to celebrate my birthday, and I will have pink and blue crimped hair. It’s sure to be totally rad.






5 responses to “White lace panties and all-night dance parties”

  1. Chris Avatar

    There will be plenty of awesome memories from the wedding. It’s really cool Amanda is so laid back like that. That’s an excellent example of making lemonade out of life’s lemons.

    And I’d say we pulled off that 4-miler rather nicely, though I don’t know if it was me running so well or Breana pulling me along 🙂

    Can’t wait until this weekend!

    Last blog post from Chris – Trauma

  2. Elwood Avatar

    I so wish I could be there for your party, but the fates (and my own schedule) have denied me.

    Next year? Totally there.

    Last blog post from Elwood – Toy Story 51: April Fools!

  3. crystal Avatar

    Awww man… Hey Melissa this is Crystal that works with Kevin. I read your blog everyday like a lunchtime soap! I love it 🙂 Today I bummed out. The Breakfast Club is me ALLLL time fave place to go, but I will be out of town. You will have to celebrate your birthday again so we can meet and dance the night away 80’s style 🙂

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