Beautiful bride makes memorable photos

The best part about shooting a wedding is getting a front-row seat to the couple’s magical day. I won’t subject you to all 1,400 of Amanda and Jason’s wedding photos (if you want to see them, click here: password Amanda), but I thought I’d pick out a few that stood out to me for one reason or another. I already shared the bloopers and the dress rip and my commentary on not bringing a camera to a wedding if you are a guest, but here are the “awe” moments. Whether it’s Amanda and her maid of honor Ann dancing just moments before walking down the aisle, or a photo of a child walking for the first time that very day, or the last photo in which the room has all kinds of activity but Amanda and Jason seem aware of none of it, it was all a very magical day. And of course I had to include the photo of Amanda surrounded by children with Jason shrugging – as it turns out, they conceived a child on their honeymoon and they are expecting almost exactly 9 months from now! The love continues. Big thanks to Chris who helped me edit some of these – it takes a lot of work to process all the photos (which we shot in RAW), color correct, fix blemishes or wall colors or ill-placed cars and without his help I’d be working around the clock much longer to get these out.



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2 responses to “Beautiful bride makes memorable photos”

  1. Chris Avatar

    These all turned out awesome! Editing was fun too 🙂

  2. Elwood Avatar

    A Honeymoon Baby? How schmoopy and by-the-book of them. 🙂

    These are awesome pictures. Totally booking you for my second wedding. 😉

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