On bad fonts and good pranks and tramp stamps

So if you are a graphic designer or are friends with a graphic designer or have heard of graphic design, you probably know how hated the font Comic Sans is in the design community. It is so notoriously bad, in fact, that there is an entire web site devoted to its awfulness. When Chris was over at my house one day for coffee he saw my totally awesome “Ban Comic Sans” coffee mug and he loved it so much I bought one for him.

However …

When he posted a comment on Twitter and Facebook recently that he was going to use Comic Sans, the entire design world was frozen in fear for a moment. OK, so by “entire design world” I mean me and Ann Marie. We told him that he no longer had Ban Comic Sans coffee mug privileges, a fact he adamantly denies. So, we have decided to show Chris what the appropriate and inappropriate uses of this coffee mug entails.

Inappropriate use of the Ban Comic Sans coffee mug:

Drinking coffee while designing anything using Comic Sans.

Nobody has to use Comic Sans

Appropriate uses of the Ban Comic Sans coffee mug:

Drinking water out of it.

Dogs' mouths are cleaner than ours

Taking it out to lunch.


And a movie?

Dollar theater good. Graphic designers broke.

Having coffee with a friend

Coffee is always better with a friend


Losing My Religion perhaps, but the steeple is still there

Shoe shopping

These were on clearance.

Hanging out with pink unicorns. Does anyone else love pink unicorns?

Woo, trails

Playing Where’s Waldo with a little help from some friends. Can you find him?

What would you do if I sang out of tune?

Playin some tunes

Do you know Freebird?

Earnin some dough

What will I do with all this money?

Taking shelter – wait, why’s it wet under here?

Maybe this wasn't the best idea for a shelter.

Considering spending money earned on continuing education

University of Georgia, maybe?

Decide instead to work on beer list at local bar

What's non sequitur mean?

Drinking more beer at local bar

Beer is good.

Woah, that’s a lot of beer

Bea is my favorite bartender

Pink unicorns are awesome. Start thinking about how cool tattoos are. To the tattoo parlor! Hmm, no pink unicorns here. Who uses tattoo flash anyway? Gotta go custom.

Flash, flash, flash.

Yikes, that hurt. But sooo worth it.

Hard. Core.

Love pink unicorns! Woooo!

Showin off the tramp stamp

Feta fries to celebrate the mug’s new tramp stamp.


And more drinks!

Double fistin!

Party with a Rock Star (and like a rock star)

Modern Skirts rock

Wow, it’s been a long day …

Where am I?

Time to crash out in the loft above the bar. What’s Comic Sans again? *hic*

Why does my back feel sore?



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17 responses to “On bad fonts and good pranks and tramp stamps”

  1. Chris Avatar

    This is perhaps the best post I have ever seen on the use and non-use of “that” font. Now I wanna know where to get the mug on second thought maybe I don’t. I really don’t want someone to see the font and say why would that be banned.

    Last blog post from Chris – Wordless Wednesday

  2. Justin Avatar

    copperplate gothic is my hated font. and sure enough my wife used it for our wedding invites. she shall rue the day!!!! well, at least regarding the invites.

  3. Ann Marie Avatar

    We ran into at least one person while taking the pictures who said she liked it. We were like ugh.

    Last blog post from Ann Marie – Kid & music: The fun of turning a kid into a music geek

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  5. Chris Avatar

    Well then. You guys rock. And I hope you washed my mug 🙂

    Last blog post from Chris – I love my friends. And my mugs.

  6. Amy Avatar

    I’m no font expert but this post was funny. Love the tramp stamp!

    Last blog post from Amy – Emma Graduates Kindergarten

  7. Melissa Avatar

    The best part was leaving the mug in the cabinet with the tramp stamp still on it, waiting for Chris to find it. Hehe!

  8. Heather Avatar

    Papyrus = *shudder*

    Awesome post! My Fun was increased by 5 points just looking at the pictures!

    Last blog post from Heather – Mirror, Mirror

  9. Elwood Avatar


    Last blog post from Elwood – Caption Me! #36

  10. Jessica Avatar

    I SO HATE Comic Sans! I hated it as a student and after I started working, I refused to use it in ANY ad I ever did because *everyone* always thought it looked appropriate for whatever they were advertising. When I did it their way AND my way to show them the difference, they always went with the non-Comic Sans version of the ad. I also dislike Curlz and (wayyyyy overused), like Heather states here, Papyrus is also a font nemesis of mine.

    HILARIOUS post, Melissa 🙂 Love all the pics! I’ll bet it was fun taking them.

  11. Amy Avatar

    Oh, Jessica. I do hate the Curlz too.

    Last blog post from Amy – Tea Party Birthday

  12. Zandor Avatar

    Ha. This was great. I liked all the pictures.

    Last blog post from Zandor – Police Department Internship Day 12

  13. Chris Avatar

    Ahhh! lol! Papyrus! I used to like that font till I saw it EVERYWHERE. Papyrus is the new Comic Sans (sounds like a good T-shirt)

    Last blog post from Chris – Wordless Wednesday

  14. Jeffrey Avatar

    That’s it! I’m going to start taking random websites over by changing all the fonts to Comic Sans, and then demanding a ransom. Where should I start oh, Melissa?

  15. Dave Avatar

    That’s so awesome! You guys rock. Have a Comic Sans-free day.

  16. Kevin Avatar

    This is too funny.
    As I commented on Chris’ post(http://www.inathought.com/blog/2009/06/i-love-my-friends-and-my-mugs/), “I am glad that this issue came up because, and I’ll be honest here, I did not know that using Comic Sans was taboo. I don’t think I have ever used it before, but not because it is hated in the graphic design world, just because I didn’t. Thank you and Melissa for informing me!”
    .-= Kevin´s last blog ..A New Milestone Reached! =-.

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