So many things to be excited about …

So my nephew is due to arrive in this world on July 23, and I have pretty much put all plans on standby until I get that phone call from my sister that she’s going to deliver her first born.

In the meantime, I’m happy he doesn’t seem to be arriving during a major client deadline that I’m working on this week. Good for you, Cai! I plan to spend a couple of weeks at my aunt’s house in Greenville, just down the road from my sister and brother-in-law’s place, when he arrives.

After that Colleen will pick me up in Greenville on her way to Athens (I told her once she went once, she would want to go back! Love that place!) and we will spend some time there.

Kevin is doing a triathlon at King’s Mountain on August 8 that I will be attending (and camping) if I’m not in Greenville or Athens.

And Jeff just texted me that he won 2 VIP tickets to the American Idol concert! So exciting, and I texted Amy right away. I then realized it’s tentatively the weekend Colleen will be taking me to Athens, if Cai arrives when we think he will. So I may not be able to go with Amy.

Either way, all good things – I hope I somehow get to partake in them all!